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This reel showcases my producing, videography, editing and motion graphic design work.  It provides a glimpse into the people, places and ideas that have traditionally inspired my work.  To dig a little deeper, check out some of my full-length pieces.


Music: Woody Guthrie / "Better World A-Comin" / Asch Recordings Vol. 3 Released in 1999 by the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. 



This role call page is from a storyboard I illustrated and pitched for a video I went on to produce about the Green Lane Project in Atlanta, GA.

For the same video, I designed, illustrated, and animated this map of Atlanta's existing and planned network of protected bike lanes and trails.

The following stills are from an animation I designed, illustrated, and edited. My favorite character is the little girl with the star on her shirt.  The pigeon is a close 2nd.

The next set of stills is from a video I designed and produced for NYCDOT, featuring students at P.S. 3 in Staten Island and the illustrations of Amy Paschall.

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